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    Question Puzzlement with HP laptops.

    My Grandchildren have HP11 G7 Chromebooks, and I have an HP 14" Stream with Windows 10.
    Both the Chromebooks stopped working, shortly after the keyboard printed garbage. I removed the keyboard on one & cleaned the connector ribbons, reassembled. Now it would't boot, dead. Charged the battery, still dead. Got frustrated, & smacked it on the bottom. It has worked ever since. I smacked the second one, did not remove keyboard, & that has worked for 3 months, so far. Recently I bought the HP Stream on Trade Me, cheap, with the same symptoms. Smacked its bottom and it works!
    What is going on?

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    Default Re: Puzzlement with HP laptops.

    Wow HP now including masochism as a feature in their laptops

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    Default Re: Puzzlement with HP laptops.

    Well you're not allowed to smack kids on the backside any more if they misbehave, so why not allow a Computer when it plays up -- It wont go crying and cant complain, and proves a bit of discipline can have a positive effect

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    Default Re: Puzzlement with HP laptops.

    mzee, might try that with this HP lappy.

    BSOD on boot-up and Windoz says it will fix it and re-boot. Yeahh right.

    Won't be putting 11 on this machine!!.

    Worked wonders when on 8.1.

    Will write to Greta and see if she will let us buy a new one along with and electric car.


    ps. lost WIFI last week and windoz managed to re-connect that all by itself, rofl.


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