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    Default Re: Covid Vaccine -Grrrrr!

    Quote Originally Posted by gary67 View Post
    Maybe they are telling you to get it at your own risk since its still in the trial phase just like the website

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    Default Re: Covid Vaccine -Grrrrr!

    Hi Tony

    see my post on this matter a few weeks ago.
    I was similar to you -reset password - what password?
    Like you I was not prepared to wait in queue for the 0800 Nr -a valid Nr.
    However, I got chase up email the next day -this time telling me to reset my password (the one never ceateds0 so I created a new one.

    I had my second vaccine on Sunday -no problems -lots of vaccinators.
    If in doubt ring the 0800 Nr or you can always ph Ministry of Health -Covid 19 0800 35854653 -very helpful

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    Default Re: Covid Vaccine -Grrrrr!

    No vaccines here, my mum should be on the list, but nothing...

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    Default Re: Covid Vaccine -Grrrrr!

    Booked this morning through the BOP Health Board number (should have a week ago)

    Rang and gave my details (which they knew) . Still it won't be until the beginning of August with the second one 2 Weeks later

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    Default Re: Covid Vaccine -Grrrrr!

    I received a text (I live in North Canterbury), and followed the prompts to do my two bookings via the interweb on my phone. No problems - there were (I think) three different places to choose from where I could get the vaccinations, and I chose my local health practice where I am a registered patient. My first vaccination is next week, and the second is in July.

    Oddly my wife has still not received a text prompt to book, so I phoned the 0800 number provided in my text - no waiting, just a very pleasant and efficient telephonist who said that they were experiencing this kind of thing - only one member of a couple being contacted - and provided me with a Canterbury DHB number for my wife to phone to make her bookings.

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    Default Re: Covid Vaccine -Grrrrr!

    To be fair , the govt cant give out covid shots if they dont have the numbers of vax they need ...

    how about some honesty from the authorities .
    NZ ONLY 6% are fully vaxed (both shots) . Thats a terrible stat.

    So , given 6% by June , how long to vax 4-5 Million ?
    And , factor in the possible need for booster shots .

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