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Thread: WTF??

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    A reminder notice from Vodafone is something new for this household!!.

    Trying to remember how many takeovers there have been to arrive at this latest fiasco called Vodafone.

    Always been a good payer with them all.

    Company takeovers always involve too much being paid and they have to make up the shortfall.

    Just like the article in this mornings The Press, billionaires don't pay their fair share of taxes. One even pays 75% of his income, bet he only takes a salary of $100.00 pa, so that's $75.00 tax, roffl and you know what the extra "f" means.


    ps and who likes the new IRD PIE income tax returns format this year!!.


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    Default Re: WTF??

    Here’s another twist.

    I was with Vodafail, simply because I was with with Clear which Vodafail purchased. Vodafail upgraded me to FO but the Fibre Optic that Vodafail supplied was only good for 30/20 on a good day, even though my plan was 100/20.

    Anyway, age determined I needed to relocate to a place that was on the flat with no steps or stairs.

    This in turn necessitated me to advise Service Providers of my change of address and Vodafail were asked to just do what ever was necessary along with appropriate dates.

    Everyone else managed without any fuss but not Vodafail.

    Firstly there wasn’t any FO, and then there was, but I would have to have ADSL to a box somewhere up the road and and then it would be FO.

    After two weeks without Phone or Internet I was hooked on, but this required a “New Contract” that has an “Early Termination Fee”.

    Now for the Twist.

    I get a call from Trustpower, whom I have my electricity account with, and “Have we got a deal for You”. Give us your Broadband and Telephone, alongside your Power and we’ll give you FO, Unlimited Broadband, 100/20 speed, and, the cost of the Broadband and Telephone was less than Vodafail.

    I then tell him I would love to do business with him, but there wasn’t any FO available, Vodafail had assured me. Back he comes with he could assure me there was, and Vodafail didn’t know what they were talking about.

    Well, never let a chance go by, so, OK you’ve got a deal, do it, but don’t mess up.

    And they did, without any Drama at all and I get 100/20 Broadband on exactly the same computers that could only deliver 30/20 with Vodafail.

    But wait, there’s more, Vodafail tried to do me for the “Early Termination” fee ($160) I think, so I had to explain to them that they had a better show of seeing a “Snow Fight in Hell” than getting another cent out of me.
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