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    I always have an urge to smash cyclists off their bikes when I see them use the road when there is a oversized cycle way next to it like down Central Park drive. So I pass them with just millimeters to spare if they get hit and survive its up to them to explain why they didnt use the cycle lane.
    Same up Triangle road bridge where there is an expensive cycle way clipped to both sides of the bridge they use the road when I pass them I refuse to go over the centre line and they get a blast of the airhorns.
    Seems pretty silly there is only one bridge over the Ashburton river, forget the Jaffas cycle lane and start building another one.

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    I’m the same Prefect.

    These idiots put on their “You beaut Lycra’s”, admire themselves in the mirror, and at 200kg, all up, head off to to demand their rights with the 2000kg plus motorists.

    And you want to hear them bleat and sulk when they come second.

    God they’re thick.

    But I do agree with building a platform on the Auckland Harbour Bridge just to throw them off.
    Global Warming is Mann made.

    Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.
    The problems we face today are because the people who work for a living are now outnumbered by those who vote for a living.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gary67 View Post
    If you actually read the article cyclists are Not asking for a new bridge at all just a safe space that could be achieved at a fraction of the cost. And I do wish w@%ker drivers would wake up, I have just got back from Christchurch and the standard of driving I have seen over the last 3 days is bewildering compared to what I saw of people cycling.

    I am a cyclist I am also a driver and I know that there are f@#kwits on both sides ruining it for the rest, so stop laying blame on one side just because you don't do it. Instead grow some balls and man up.
    I congratulate to your comment as a cyclist.

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    Default Re: Things to Wonder About

    I actually partly agree with Prefect on they should use cycle lanes when provided. As to the rest of the rant and the idiot rant below it, just confirms what I said in my first post.

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