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    Default Security Cameras

    Never thought THIS could happen.
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    Default Re: Security Cameras

    Quote Originally Posted by B.M. View Post
    Never thought THIS could happen.
    sarcasm ????
    Security breaches on Internet connected cams & the cams cloud access are all too common.

    If its an internet connected device, assume its not safe
    Even an internet connected car was found to have security holes that could be hacked into (and even give access to things like disable the brakes while someone was driving )
    One brands Internet Connected TV's were found to be recording conversations and sending that to 3rd parties
    Some home routers have security holes that never got patched , allowing access in .

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    Default Re: Security Cameras

    ""It's really disturbing to know people out there could have been watching my son play in the backyard,"

    Why? What was he doing that is so private? Anyway, lock it down then.

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    Default Re: Security Cameras

    That's old news, these web-connected cameras get hacked all the time.

    Full of holes and bugs and the companies (even big ones like D-Link) are lazy at fixing them.

    I'll never use any of that IoT junk, far too many security risks, and 99% of them are completely unnecessary anyway.
    WiFi light-bulbs? Really? You only need that if you're bedridden.
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