Starting yesterday morning, my system tray and clock either disappears completely, or shifts/overlaps. If I restart, or logout/login it all reappears again for a time, then it does it all over again.

The only new software I have installed is VMWare Horizon (which I need for a contract I'm working on), but that was installed 3 or 4 weeks ago. I noticed it happen when I started VM Horizon (which launches full-screen) and then minimized it. That said, it has also happened when I haven't used VM Horizon at all, and run other programs (none of them full-screen)

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This is what it currently looks like. The battery level and charging icon are in the correct place, the rest have shifted to the right. The right-edge of the screenshot is the edge of my screen. At other times there it is completely blank from the charge icon to the right edge.

This is running Windows 10 Pro v 21H1, build 19043.1023 (Windows Insider) on Lenovo P50 laptop.

And now it looks like this
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I have restarted the laptop to show how it normally looks
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and now a few minutes later it looks like this!
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I noticed there was an Nvidia driver update a couple days ago (through automatic Windows Update), so I suspect it's related to this, but how do I fix it? I have downloaded a fresh new driver from the NVidia site and installed that, but no change