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    Default Re: pc random power loss

    Yeah I could never hope to give you every detail, the Blue ray drive is older than the PC and I have no Idea by how much. I re-used it from another PC. When I built the PC I had no intention of having an optical drive in it, but eventually I caved and put it in.

    Thanks Wainui, I'm well aware the F variants have no GPU - Neither does the 5600X I was comparing it to. The point is an 11400 or 11400F has very similar performance to a 5600X and costs so much less you can get a motherboard and CPU for the price of just the 5600X. (the price difference between the F and non F isn't that big either)
    I built my 2700X based machine intending to take advantage of AMD keeping the socket by upgrading the CPU a couple years later, but now that the socket has reached it's last generation it turns out replacing the motherboard still makes more sense than a CPU upgrade. So much for that plan.

    Integrated graphics is occasionally handy but on a gaming machine they are not really a feature I look for. I have a spare GT710 and GT1030 floating around if I need them, although it's tempting to try selling the 1030 with current insane prices.

    In other news the PC has been stable and reliable since sunday night.

    Edit, just a comment. I suspect I knocked the Sata cable lose while swapping the PSU. It was a frustrating job to accomplish inside the case and I was not enjoying trying to get my big hands in there. The old PSU was modular and had longer cables some of which I attached before installing the motherboard originally.
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