I got a txt from one of husbands sisters yesterday.

She had hounded me during his last days, to the point of flattening my ph and stressing me out...she also didn't get to come down and is a bit dim,.....it took some rather blunt explaining to let her know she'd be too late. And I was accurate on that. Perhaps that bothered her too.

Anyway one other sister did make it (she fights with her and that was probably part of the reason for the txt) and one brother also missed out. Both this crazy sister and that brother did see him when we were up last December though.

But she seems to have had a snot about it and ranted on in a rather illiterate and unpunctuated way saying how horrified his mum would have been and did I ever love him, no I didn't, and how his last time was hell because of me, and he was deprived of his caring family etc and I should never contact her as she will block me.

Its nastier than that but that's the general gist.