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    Default Re: Brave Browser Query

    Does the Brave browser contain a telemetry component as Chrome does
    with their damned Software Reporter Tool? I have tried a few online
    suggestions to disable it without success and if it is deleted it will be
    reinstalled the next time Chrome is opened. When the tool runs it will
    hog CPU and Memory on my Win 7 system for about 15 minutes, making
    the computer so slow that it is almos unuseable. If I stop the process in
    Task Manager it will restart a few minutes later.
    The offending tool is located in App Data > Local > Google.
    Chrome would be my first choice browser without this problem which
    has been much complained about online but not resolved.
    It seems that more and more software houses are following the MS
    telemetry inclusion in their programs but with some you can opt out
    with the user settings - Not with Chrome.

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    Default Re: Brave Browser Query

    I use Firefox.
    I had a look at Brave Browsers website etc.
    I don't like their points things (I'm not into games and trophies)
    And I don't like their business model

    So for me, its a NO
    So what colour is your Adkaf?
    Have you joined Proud to Be Kiwi yet?

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