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    Default New Toy

    My brother bought a pack of app controlled LED bulbs so I have one in my PC room now.
    Can control colours, brightness, pastel or dark colour, timer etc.

    Kind of fun.....husband would have hated it...

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    Default Re: New Toy

    Yeah they can be fun.

    At new years over next door, one of them has real geeky toys all over the place LOL. The Lights are controlled by VOICE CONTROL, Googles Home Mini's.

    We had a interesting play changing the outside light various colours to see what attracted or repelled the midges/flies. ( yellow attracted more, Purple repelled) Also played various voice controlled games.

    Tell them to play (any song / group) you want, it connects to Spotify and away it goes playing the request.

    Need-less to say we got a couple of Google home Minis now, the lounge lights are Voice controlled ( after changing to smart Light Bulbs) . All you do is say " Hey Google turn on (or) Off lounge light" And zing -- its done. Can change the colour of the light, as well as making them brighter or dimmer all by just telling them. Ask the time, forecast many other things and get verbal answers.

    Also play a few Trivia games when nothing much on TV, all by voice control -- even better fun when speech is slightly slurred if had a few . SWMBO had a bit of a throat infection the other week, voice was not as clear and Google home wouldn't do what she said LOL didn't recognize her.

    What's a Worry is sometimes we'll be sitting here watching TV not saying a thing and Google home will pipe up " Sorry I didn't understand that" WTF !! we didn't say anything - its picking up and listening to the TV LOL'.
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    Default Re: New Toy

    I like my toys so I have Philips hue smart bulbs and amazon echo dots in a couple of rooms, also a $50 wifi switch connected to the garage door button. I really am getting used to just telling alexa to turn the lights on or off or open the garage door
    Kinda annoying when she responds to you tube videos though. Then I set up a "goodnight" routine that turns off all my lights, stops all audio playback, and shuts off the screen on one device that bugs me in the bedroom.
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