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    Default Opera Browser Version Update Frustration

    This is what I posted on Opera Forum today ,plus a reply from their moderator and from their FA!

    Opera Forum Submission 1 May 2021
    Opera Version Update Tab
    I find out via another source- -that an Opera Update is available.
    I then log on to Opera for that purpose. I click the Help tab and then Update .tab. At the top under Version Nr Checking for updates it says "Opera is Up to Date quoting version Nr.
    Below that is another tab saying Check For updates.
    I click on that tab to download the update.
    Surely this is illogical and that a better way would be to show Current Version Nr with a tab stating "An update is available" with an option to click on a tab "Download now'"

    ]The Reply I got from leocg- Moderator
    neilf784 You don't need to login to update Opera
    When you go to opera://about or opera://update, Opera automatically checks for updates and downloads it if there is one. Unfortunately, the process eventually doesn't work well and you need to click on the check for updates button to get the update.

    On Opera Website under FAQ
    Your Opera browser will automatically download an update when one becomes available. Relaunching your browser will complete the update. You can review what has been updated – bug fixes, improvements, and new features – on our blog.
    You can also manually check for an update. To do so:
    1. Open the Opera menu (the button on Windows and Linux, or Opera in the toolbar on Mac).
    2. Click Update & Recovery….
    3. Click the Check for Update button.
    4. After the update downloads, click Update.
    When the update finishes, you will be asked to relaunch Opera. Your browser will relaunch in its updated version and according to your startup preference.
    The current browser version number is written at the top of the page.

    I have some gripes a) I thought my suggestion was logical
    b) how come I learn of the update on and not via Opera?
    c) Note the moderators comment "unfortunately doesn't work well"

    Comments please
    FYI I use other browsers as well -Edge, Firefox, and Google Chrome

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    Default Re: Opera Browser Version Update Frustration

    Note the moderators comment "unfortunately doesn't work well"
    They got that right Almost every other day Opéra says there's an update available, Allow it, it goes through the motions, then couple of days later -- Repeat.

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    Default Re: Opera Browser Version Update Frustration

    the auto update in opera works ok, but its slow as in it may take a week before it updates.
    i suspect it takes time to get the updates out to their mirrors and they probably have some traffic control. that reduces the load on the servers.
    also if there is quite a few small updates, a we have right now, it means it can skip a few of them and that reduces server load a lot.
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