Hello all , this is my first post on here , hi to all .

I joined cause I'm a little older than most and want advice to upgrade from an XP also I have a laptop 5 years old .
Wanting some bling but donít need it all . Thought id make a must need list and a donít need list .
I'm looking for right person or a company that can do what I need , the XP came from PBT in Penrose and was an
ex lease rebuilt . Still going strong although cant get internet anymore due to lack of knowing why or how . Anyway .

Do need these .
I use Ms Office excel a lot , I have complex macros I use . I do statistical data work as a hobby . My XP is using office 2007 and works fine .
Laptop has 2016 and struggles to run macros used on XP . What the . Baffled there .
So the laptop says I need to run 64 bit . HUH . There one problem . 32 and 32 is 64 thatís all I know .

I use Access a bit and will use Outlook when I switch from old PC .
Do want to have my videos to run without stop start motion . So my old 2gb of ram looks OLD . Laptop has 12 so were heading in the right direction .

Also I told that MS office excel can only ever use 2 gb of ram anyway . So to find someone who can send more
processor speed that way gets my money .

Talking of processor is Intel still the bees knees or is Ryzen the way to go . Looking at least I7 aren't we here for me .

Wi-Fi , and all the basic stuff , and I would like to send to and receive from a TV would be good .

Don'ts . Donít do gaming but that looks a lot of fun . So all the bling for graphics is ???? .
If it helps to run U tube videos well thatís ok .

Donít think I'm asking much , Off the shelf wont do it , prefer to make it up using one of you pros .
Came here for help and looking for right person who will communicate and build what I need , with no
ongoing hassles , break downs , etc. .

I prefer to as the saying goes to "overkill" the situation than struggle for more power .
Hence why the V8 and 1000cc are parked in the garage .

I apologise for a first long spiel but I'm here to make this happen , so anyone interested who has experience please
contact me . Im a cash buyer , I want honesty not BS , so donít sell me something I donít need or convince me I do .

Thanks for you time .