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    Default Eset Nod/Endpoint very slow to download

    Any one else having the issue that downloading various ESET products is often taking a ridiculously long time to download , on various PC's on various sites?

    up to 2 hours this morning to download the new version (downloading via chrome) , from the ESET website .
    Lately , Ive had to copy & paste across an Anydesk/TeamVeiwer session session (5 - 10 minutes) , as the download was so slow .
    I mentioned this to their NZ support but got a blank generic response from them

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    Default Re: Eset Nod/Endpoint very slow to download

    Just Tried it Via Edge, the eea_nt64.msi (185MB) Edge very slow, 1-12KB/s Via a Download manager way faster, 2-10 MB/s

    Just noticed while Writing this, Via the Browser it was very slow (as above) then at approx 1/4 way though suddenly took off.

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