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    Default Re: two-people-killed-fiery-tesla-crash-no-driver

    Another human negligence. Honestly, tesla is not to blame.

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    Default Re: two-people-killed-fiery-tesla-crash-no-driver

    Quote Originally Posted by ChooseParis View Post
    Another human negligence. Honestly, tesla is not to blame.
    Actually they are.
    They call it 'auto-pilot" .
    People have been using it to self drive while they sleep , plenty of vids of Telsa drivers literally asleep at the wheel.
    Self drive is not safe for use on roads, been a few SERIOUS crashes from Tesla's put into autopilot & the driver not paying any attention to whats on the road

    This is what Telsa make little effort to stop
    The driver literally climbed into the back seat while Tesla self drove

    heres another
    "The 2019 Tesla Model S “appeared to be self-driving,” police said, “traveling over 140 km/h, with both front seats completely reclined and both occupants appearing to be asleep.”"

    how is this not Tesla's fault, for allowing it in their cars
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