I admit I know feck all Maori, just the occasional phrase, but living in Otaki, I'm in the perfect spot to observe how a mix of Maori and English can be used. Also the culture blending. Admittedly, most of these are "salt of the earth" maori, asians, europeans and Samoans, not the yuppies that want to force a way of life on anyone for their own gain.
The word Koha is used a fair bit here. We have a couple of places where you can go to get food if you're hard up, but experiences have shown that if you abuse that, you get dealt with in a back alley or similar.
I occasionally help with windows installations, or basic clearouts, and just get paid in beer or food rather than cash. The barter system is alive and well. And it's definitely not a case of it's just you. You help others, you will be helped when you need it, or given a word of advice before you do something overly stupid.