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    What do you think about the real estate market during the pandemic? Prices have risen enormously but people are buying. Tell us the prices in the cities, your countries that were and are now. When will the pandemic end? Do we ever get rid of this virus again? I miss freedom.

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    Well a nice but not flash house here on 800m2 section with 4 beds and 2 bathrooms just sold for $955k, way over what its actually worth to build

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    Son owns an 80sqm house on a 500sqm crosslease. Value $735000 but he was offered $860,000 last year sight unseen.

    Here in the **** zone in Napier, one down road, a complete dump, sold for $500K recently.

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    It's not so much as to the price of the house but how that price compares to how much you are earning. For example, we bought our first house in 1977 for nine years wages - $26,500 - and sold it in 1992 for fourteen years wages $995,000, so we definitely made a profit.
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