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    Default Samsung Health can't sign in

    I am using my good old Note5.

    Samsung Health App was working fine since I bought this phone years ago.

    Haven't used it for about a week or two, this morning, when I tap on the App, it asks me to sign in ... it never did so ...

    I tried using my phone number, email, and all the passwords I could think off. It just won't sign me in....

    Googled only to find many people with this problem but no answers....

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Samsung Health can't sign in

    Have you tried the following on in this link - Different way, but worked.

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    Default Re: Samsung Health can't sign in

    That link was what I used. It really is helpful.

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    Default Re: Samsung Health can't sign in

    Same problem here. Maybe they servers are down. We have to wait.

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