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    Default Trans-Tasman Bubble -- Green Zone Flights

    Trans Tasman Bubble going to start soon.

    I am quite confused as how do they control /manage the Green Zone Flight ?

    According to the media: " .. travellers from Australia will be on 'green zone' flights and airport routes, so they don't come into contact with people from other parts of the world.

    Green zone flights have no passengers who have come from anywhere but Australia in the previous 14 days and are flown by crew who have not been on any high-risk routes for a set period of time."

    How do the airline companies know whether a passenger has been to another country or who just came in to Australia few days ago?

    Am right to say that when buying a ticket to NZ, the traveller has to indicate that he /she wants a Green Zone Flight, otherwise, will have to be quarantined?

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    Default Re: Trans-Tasman Bubble -- Green Zone Flights

    all flights from aussie would be green zone. those who have gone into aussie from elsewhere would have to go through their quarantine procedures. so there is no way for them to land in aussie and jump straight onto nz flight.
    tho typically its cheaper for people to fly direct to nz as our quarantine is free. the issue is aussies getting quarantined here for free then flying straight to aussie.

    the issue may come from if a flight from say UK lands at aussie, drops people off, then flies here. they would have to be kept separate while in aussie as well as when they land here.

    i think biggest issue is cross over between green zone and quarantine flights, especially for staff. keeping it all separate while using the same airport is going to be a nitemare.
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    Default Re: Trans-Tasman Bubble -- Green Zone Flights

    I agree, it would be hard to keep those in check. It is a great initiative though.

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