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Thread: Challenges

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNum View Post
    We all have our daily struggles. I wonder how do you get over it. The struggles that may be caused by anxiety, depression or just by the people around us. What do you do?
    Write a gratitude list and review it daily. And get off the pity pot; someone else needs to use it.

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    I agree, being appreciative of what we have is the best we can do. Also, having something even though it's little, is really important for our well-being.

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    When I was a kid I was a great worrier. An example would be being late with my homework. In reality, the teacher would often forget to ask for it.
    If you are worried about something, ask yourself if there is anything you can do about it? If the answer is 'yes', DO IT!
    If the answer is 'no', forget it!
    Nonconstructive worrying is a waste of time, achieves nothing, and makes you stress.

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    Husband has dementia now, I've known it for years, he got "officially" diagnosed though recently.
    Can anyone do anything about it? No.

    My mum would strongly object to any issues with her mind but yesterday while husband was tyring to ring himself off his cellph and failing and getting confused, she was trying to ring someone.
    She dialled o6 then the 021 number.
    I took a while to explain you skip the 06 bit...
    Then she got voicemail so talked to it, and kept ringing it back.

    Eventually the ladies daughter answered...I then had to explain it went to voicemail fo a reason, persisting would be annoying at the other end if they in the middle of something or having a crisis.

    There's a saying: **** happens.
    Quite often here...but just deal with it and move on. No point in having a meltdown about it.

    Some org rang, to "assess' husband. Well if it makes them feel better...but I can't see a lot of point. I'm the carer already in this house, their 1 hr a fortnight cleaning is not terribly useful and sure isn't a help with dementia.

    Sticking him in some day, that's cruel IMO.

    But they can come do their notes and we'll just go on doing what we do.
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    Is there someone here who has positive experiences with a councilor? How did working with that person go?

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