As my 10+ year-old monitor has called it a day, I decided to buy a new one.

So, I went to Chemist Warehouse and bought a Omron HEM-7320. Took it home, unboxed it, inserted the battery, set the date and time, etc ...

Wrapped the arm cuff around my arm, pressed the button. ... error

Tried many times and it only works as and when it likes .... almost 5 out of 10 times, it gave errors....

Took it back to Chemist warehouse the same day afternoon, they guy there tested it, and maybe he is lucky, it works OK..

As a result of the test result, they refused my request to exchange for another model or a refund... Had a very nasty argument ... came back with the faulty item..

What's your views /advice? Will CGA apply in this case? If so, how to go about?