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    Default Still having audio / video issues

    Hi all

    I've posted in the past about what I thought was video or audio related issues (last post about it here:

    I ended up doing a fresh install of Win10 to see if that solved the issue.
    Unfortunately it did not, and there are some other symptoms I've noticed too.
    Sometimes (but not always) video and audio slowly goes out of sync when playing video. Slowly but surely the audio starts to come slightly later than the video and gradually gets more out of sync the more time passes.
    I first noticed this on YouTube. When YouTube goes to the next video, it's back in sync again and then gradually same thing happens.
    I tried a video file I have saved locally, and it did the same thing, so that likely rules out a specific browser or specific video issue.
    At the same time this happens, I also notice some degrading in the audio quality. Not major, but small things like occasional pops and very light short static.

    I've also noticed this seems to happen once the PC has been on for longer. Since I've been working from home a lot, I tend to leave it running most of the day. These issues don't seem to happen in the hours after it's first booted, but usually later once it's been running a while. If I reboot, things seem normal again and then slowly the issues return.
    Worth noting I have non-digital 5.1 powered speakers that plug to the MB via 3.5mm jacks.

    After researching this, many other people posting on other forums with similar problems say it's an audio driver issue. While I tend to agree, I haven't been able to fix it yet so I can't rule out graphics card hardware or driver issues either. Or even RAM, or HD cache / access issues.

    I've already tried most things I can think of to fix this, nothing has worked so far and I'm getting desperate for help!

    What can I do?

    Here's what I have tried so far:
    - Tried replacing the Realtek 'High Definition Audio' driver with the Microsoft one
    - Disabled other unused sound controllers (eg NVidia HD audio as I don't use the sound output from monitor)
    - Tried changing the default output audio format from 24 bit / 48000 hz, to 44100 hz
    - Tried disabling the 'allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' and give exclusive mode applicaitons priority' options
    - Tried clean uninstall and reinstall of NVidia graphics card driver
    - Tried rolling back to previous graphics card driver
    - Tried replacing my current RAM sticks, with my old ones (a while ago I bought some new RAM sticks for an upgrade)

    I don't know what else to try, help please!

    Win 10 Home 64 bit, 20H2 fully updated
    MB: Asus Maximus VIII Hero (has latest BIOS)
    CPU: i7 6700K - not overclocked
    RAM: Corsair DDR4 32GB (2 x 16GB)
    Graphics card: NVidia GEForce GTX 970
    HDD's (x3):
    Main C drive (for OS and most apps): Samsung 850 PRO SSD
    E drive WDC WD3003FZEX. For other apps (mainly very large installs) but I have not installed anythign here since last WIN reinstall
    F drive, WDC WD60EZRX. Used for data.
    Sound, non-digital powered speakers plugged into MB via 3.5mm jacks

    I have dual monitors, one is connected via DVI, the other via HDMI both via the graphics card.

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    Default Re: Still having audio / video issues

    Some videos are simply out of sync , or go out of sync part way in.
    Its often the person who created the vid didnt bother to check their work, or didnt care.

    It might be nothing to do with your PC .
    Find vid that goes out of sync. Try it on another pc.

    other things to try
    another sound card , just a cheapy realtek one (disable onboard completely).
    try disabling onboard audio in the bios, remove that software & driver, and try audio over HDMI

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    Default Re: Still having audio / video issues

    I should have made that part about the video clearer. If I play the exact same video on YouTube, sometimes it does go out of sync, sometimes not. I've specifically tried this with quite a few different videos in my playlist. If it goes out of sync, I then reboot the PC and try to play the exact same video. It plays fine after rebooting. Only for the issue to eventually repeat itself sometime later - again, usually after I have had the PC running for a while. And this seems to happen to any video. It's not, for example, amateur made videos. It happens too for professionally made music videos published officially on YouTube my the record label.
    So I am pretty sure it's not related to the creation of the video file.

    I could look into a different soundcard to try and isolate the problem. I also was looking to try maybe a USB to 3.5mm adapter (some posts I read about on the internet said this solved some audio issues for some people) but the only USB adapters for this I can find seem to be designed for headphones, and are very expensive ($200+). If I could find something cheaper I could try that too.

    When you say to try audio over HDMI, how would I connect my speakers that way?

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    Default Re: Still having audio / video issues

    Just something to think about -- What else do you have that's electronic that's close or plugged into the PC ?

    Reason for asking -- Had one of the computers in the lounge start doing similar on my bluetooth Headphones a few weeks back. They would be fine for a while then either the audio would stutter or stop, strange pop noises mainly from the left speaker this was while watching netflix (so not some rough made copy of a program )??? Even pulling music from my server which I know was OK sometimes played up ??

    Discovered that 1 of the problems was when SWMBO had her fitbit watch charging in the lounge, at the same time the audio would play up, also remembered that I had plugged in a USB Extension Drive to move some files, didn't unplug it, and had to change over the bluetooth USB Dongle.

    So Changed the bluetooth back to where it was, disconnected the External Drive, made sure SWMBO didn't have her fitbit charging and right away problem left the building.

    So in short - some sort of outside interference was causing it.

    Iv'e been to several people places where something else is having a bad effect on the computer. Had the computer at my workshop, goes perfectly, return it and within minutes - problems again.
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    Default Re: Still having audio / video issues

    This is at my home desk. There's a single powerpoint from which I have a 6 plug extension running.
    - PC mains power
    - speaker power
    - printer power
    - monitor 1
    - monitor 2

    6th plug is either used by my work laptop (if working at the same desk), in that case I am having my phone charging via USB from the monitor USB outlet. If I'm not working, I have my phone charging from the 6th plug.

    I do have some wireless bluetooth headphones that I have plugged into a USB port on the PC, just for charging. I only turn them (and the bluetooth on it) on, when I take them outside to use when cycling.

    Maybe it's possible interference on the power cables nearby to each other could affect the audio? I suppose I could try rearranging the cables and making sure they are as far apart from other cables as I can manage...but if this was the cause, wouldn't the problems happen as soon as the PC is running? Not just later after running for a while? This is the thing that's odd to me, it never seems to happen just after booting up. It's something that seems to happen only after the PC has been running for a while. WHich is why I was also wondering if it could be memory / cache / temp file related somehow.

    Oh, and apart from that, the only other electrical things close are a Google Home (but it's plugged to a different powerplug in the room, plus a fan which is plugged in to the same power plug as the Google Home, but turned off.

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    Default Re: Still having audio / video issues

    Try what 1101 Suggested, Have the laptop sitting on the desk, run the exact same Video or what ever is causing the problem and see if it replicates. Highly suspect it wont but sometimes you have to go through a process of elimination.

    Also have a look in the event viewer and Reliability history at the times its playing up, see if any errors at the time (cant remember if you have looked or not).

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