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    Question Small case gaming desktop

    Hello there - we recently bought a low end MSI desktop for my wife / use for media server - works good as back up gaming PC - and its small case is magic in an area we currently have three desktops.

    My son needs his gaming PC replaced and we would like a similar size case but the high end MSI's are very expensive - keen to go to 3000 series invidia , 500GB SSD + 2TB HDD

    Any advice on where to look / brands please?


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    Default Re: Small case gaming desktop

    Cases come in almost any realistic size. How small do you want it and what sort of graphics card because that's the main size limitation.

    I built a compact PC into one of these because I needed it to fit into a very particular space and most cases are deeper.
    I have a 6 core intel i5 and an Nvidia low profile GTX 1650 in it and it games fairly well at 1080P. However that's the fastest low profile graphics card you can get so a bigger case is needed to go for anything more powerful.
    Also only takes 2.5" hard drives.
    Ryzen 2700X, 16Gb DDR4RAM, 512GB M.2 NVME SSD, MSI GTX1070

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    Default Re: Small case gaming desktop

    Need a bit more info -- Saying a Small Case really doesn't mean much, would be better if you gave the Size of your wifes case as a comparison.

    Agree with Dugimodo in brands, Silverstone are well constructed (that's all I use these days), they have several different Sizes that take full size Graphic Cards, and also Media Center Cases, all at a reasonable Price (depending on the case approx. $100 - $150) give or take a bit.

    Example of a Media Center case, Dimension 440mm(W)x105mm(H)x340mm(D)
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    Default Re: Small case gaming desktop

    Quote Originally Posted by taxboy4 View Post
    My son needs his gaming PC replaced and we would like a similar size case
    Just measure the insides, height, length, width.
    Then look at dimensions of long as it in the GPU and HDDs - they jut out and so on.
    Don't jam it in, gaming machines need good airflow.
    And just look on any site, Playtech, Computer Lounge and check the dimensions.

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    Default Re: Small case gaming desktop

    Also consider what you want in the way of cooling. Fans and radiators need to fit in as well depending upon how you want to keep your device cool enough to keep running.

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