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    Default Image a M.2 SSD Drive

    I want to be able to boot with a CD that will image my C drive? I have Acronis 0215 but it doesn't see my C drive. What software will do that for me?

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    Default Re: Image a M.2 SSD Drive

    I think you will find that version of Acronis is too old and wont recognise the M.2 SSD drive. I don't think you will be able to boot from a CD, you will need a DVD. In saying that, do you have Windows 7 or Windows 10 as for operating system, do you have a DVD copy of either?

    If you are wanting to image your current system, I use Aomei backupper which is free but I backup to an external hard drive. If you have a separate internal Hard drive, you could backup to it, don't use a separate partition on the M.2.

    Best answer is to use MS Media creation tool and down load the ISO. Burn it to a DVD and proceed from there. You will be able to boot from there but to image the system follow the first part of my answer above.

    Maybe wait and see what others have to say but we should know what system you are using.
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    Default Re: Image a M.2 SSD Drive

    Not sure if your Acronis license will let you download a new rescue media to boot of CD drive (or USB if your motherboard supports it)
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    Default Re: Image a M.2 SSD Drive

    Macrium Reflect (Free)

    The Bootable CD/USB you can make uses Windows 10 PE, which has native Support.

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