Our Toshiba laptop would not boot up and had a black screen with no BIOS, no cursor, nothing at all. I posted about this several weeks ago and decided it was time to get a new laptop as we had the old one for 10 years. The new laptop is primo, with 16 Gb RAM and the Lenovo crapware was minimal and easy to remove. So I eventually removed the hard drive in the old laptop and found cables to connect to my desktop - immediately the BIOS warned that the old laptop hard drive was bad and about to fail but I did manage to copy files and folders from it.

I can get another 500 Gb 2.5" hard drive for a cheap price and am thinking of putting it in the old laptop. I assume that I can reinstall Win10 using the MS Product Code even though it was Win7 - is this correct? I did of course update Win 7 to Win10 over the years.

The new laptop is my wife's, so if I can resurrect the old laptop it would just be a spare one that I could take while away from home travelling. If it was going to be an expensive fix I would not bother but for less than 50 dollars for a new HD I thought it may be worth it. What do you think?