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    Default Re install win 10

    I'm wanting to clean out an unused laptop to give away. The existing user password has been lost so even creating a media tool is an issue.
    Is there a quick way of doing this i.e format C: ?
    Updating win 10 to get current.

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    Default Re: Re install win 10

    Simply download the ISO / Media creation tool on another PC, create either a DVD or USB and boot from that - When it asks where to install it, delete all partitions, and it will install fresh. No need for a Licence key as it was already activated, and will re activate once online.

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    Default Re: Re install win 10

    ok thanks

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    Default Re: Re install win 10

    If there's any person data that must never be accessible on it, delete it & do a secure wipe of free HD space .

    Not needed for most people , but theoretically, some deleted data files could be recovered , even after a wipe & re-install .

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    Default Re: Re install win 10

    Yep all cleaned out ready to pass on ... thanks

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