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    Er well that was...interesting. IN a chinese curse kind of way.
    I went first and he seemed rather disappointed he wasn't getting much money out of me. Tried to get me back in a year, but as I'm fine, it's 2 yr checks, sorry Mr...

    Never mind husband made up for it. he had basically everything.
    Cataracts (mild as yet)
    Macular Degeneration (not major yet)
    Retinal Occlusion (yes well, his arteries have been screwed for decades)
    Dry Eye, that was helpful, we knew that but he gave us a free sample of a particular eye drops I had been considering buying and trying

    And maybe Glaucoma. Thats a bit hard to tell because of all the rest so we have to go back again shortly and do the very long visual field test.

    Sigh...oh well, sure making up for it with his turn.
    Husband said he seems to only have burial to look forward to.

    I said don't be silly, you chose cremation.
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