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    Smile Have to be lucky sometimes!

    I put a new PC build together, probably the last one I will need. Yesterday afternoon I went through all the install Windows and the motherboard drivers etc. I decided to leave the rest of setting it up until today so shut it down and unplugged it. No sooner had I done that than we had the first power outage we have had here for the last couple of years. That could have been a very big problem had it happened earlier.

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    Yeah sometimes things just seem to go right others anything that can go wrong will. Had times when doing installs and the power goes out ( very rare) One I remember Windows was at the point of installing a larger update, power went out, UPS kicked in and it kept going BUT shortly after you could tell the UPS battery was getting very low, willing on the updates --hurry up -- 60-70 90% -- then - You need to restart to finish installing - Phew shutdown safely - UPS runs out of battery

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