A friend had “Geeks on Wheels” come to check her laptop over a couple of years ago.
They installed Eset with a 2 year licence which is due to expire near the end of March.

Geeks on Wheels now want to install Malwarebytes instead.
They called her recently about this, and as she had been scammed by people purporting to be calling from Spark about 2 weeks prior to this call, she called me.

The Geeks call was genuine as I checked their website and indeed they are changing their offering to Malwarebytes.

My question is which is better Eset or Malwarebutes both are not cheap or just stay with Windows Defender
I just use Windows Defender and that seems to be ok.

Note we are both on NZ Super so one has to watch the pennies LOL (if you are old enough to know what pennies were).
I know this antivirus topic was raised before