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    Default Re: Vodafone's new Broadband system

    Quote Originally Posted by Lurking View Post

    wainui you mentioned that you were with Vodafone, in the past!!!, your explanation would be greatly received.

    lurking and BH.
    wtf is this UltraFast HFC, (Hibrid Fibre Coaxial) ?? It's Vodafones own connections / cables.

    It started off years ago as Vodafone Cable (the thick lines you see on lamp posts) It then renamed to Vodafone Fibre X ( and Fibre X MAX) they got into a bit of trouble calling it that as some people complained they thought it was Fibre - So they now call it UltraFast HFC.

    When we first got Fibre past our place a few months later when they had to change one of our very old decoders the tech from Chorus (in discussion) said DONT change to Fibre unless you are forced to, its no where as good, reliable (or fast) as Vodafones own Cable.

    Several weeks back we changed from our old plan to a newer and cheaper plan, we dumped the old decoders as one was playing up and I could then remove the old Phone jacks scattered around the place including two larger ones in the hall (renovating the house).

    Now the phones work over the internet (main phones connected to the Router) We have had the new setup for just over a month now, the TV(s) we have two are over internet, same with phones, unlimited data, 1st month on new plan ( this is low compared to some months) 13 Jan 2021 - 12 Feb 2021 -- 890.97 GB

    Only had one outage which lasted approx. 5 minutes.

    Average speed is between 700 - 900 Mbps Faster if using a downloader. Heavy use it slows to about 450 Mbps, like now - We have two tv's going, Sons gaming, I'm downloading's some programs from Shhhhh not telling AND Two computers inside auto backing up to a Server, so the Routers taking a hammering.

    When we changed over they were actually to damn fast LOL the New router arrived and on the same day they cut the original phones, I could call out but that was it, Called them and Put on my Business voice and "Insisted" I talk to someone who had some authority (got to know what and how to say as in what I do etc ) and got hold of a guy who was the team leader of level 1 help whom I thought was in NZ but turned out to be in the Philippines, he gave me his cell number and Email, said any questions can contact him, there were a couple of minor hiccups which I emailed about, he called me within 5 minutes and sorted it on the spot.

    NOT all Fibre is the same, most have various plans, the lower the price the lower the speed and some have data limits. One thing with Fibre, Every company uses the same lines, so if you have your street with Fibre, Spark, Vodafone, Orcon everyone use the same fibre cable. Hence the opening comment -- "It's Vodafones own connections / cables."
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