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    Default Re: Mouse Wheel and Keyboard problems.

    Okis. Today I went to buy new keyboard. I wasn't too keen on the Tec board because it doesn't have volume +/-/mute. On way to city I thought to go look in the Sallies, they have Kboards/mouses/various cables etc. Was a good thought because in the half dozen they had was a Microsoft Wired 600 keyboard, the exact board I have that has the space bar issues. It was priced at $5.00, is spotless and looks like it's never been used. So I was as happy as a pig in it.
    It is working perfectly, space issue resolved.
    If the issues I was having do a 'rehap' then I will have to consider something else at the root of the problem. Hope that doesn't come about.
    Will post if I get a rehap of the issues mentioned.

    ps: might run the DISM commands. Won't do any harm
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