It's only been a thing in the last 15-20 years that shops began selling bottles of water - water that you could get out of the tap for free.

We never carried bottles of water and somehow we survived until we arrived at school or arrived home after school. We never had the need. So why is it that this generation find it necessary to keep a bottle of water on their person? Young children are brought up with their own drink bottle and parents are concerned to see that their children always have a full bottle of water.

So what has changed? Why does this generation need to carry a bottle of water wherever they go and why do they continually need to have a drink?

I have not joined this craze and I don't have a need to drink at all hours of the day. I just have a drink when I am at home, at breakfast, morning tea, lunch and tea and that is enough for me and I'm not suffering in any way. If I'm away from home, I just wait until I return home, however long that may be - sometimes all afternoon! Shock! Horror!

So I just don't understand what this urge to carry a water bottle and drink all day is about.