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    Default How can I fix 'Invalid partition table' Errors?

    I previously installed linux on my laptop running win 98 se. I partitioned it using the linux installer so that my 12 gb hardrive went to 6g for windows and 6g for linux allowing me to run windows as well as linux. Later on I decided to uninstall linux. My friend that I had got the linux cd from couldn't find it so he told me to use a program called Fips. So we searched for that on the net. We downloaded it and fiddled round trying to remove linux. Then when I restarted I got the error : Invalid partition table. So I took out my laptop hardrive and connected it to my desktop computer and copied the info to that. I then went to dos deleted the partitions on it and formated it. Then I created a Partition and formated. I then put my hardrive back in the laptop only to get the same error again. I've already tried booting up with a win98se cd and disk. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do. I have the linux cd if that will help.

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    Default Re: How can I fix 'Invalid partition table' Errors?

    A more constructive approach (than 'hate linux') would be to leave a post labelled 'OI! Graham', and he'll come and fix it for you...

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    Default Re: How can I fix 'Invalid partition table' Errors?

    Deleting the partitions again and creating them should have done it. I would boot off a floppy and do the old fdisk /mbr to see if that helps. You should at least be able to boot the drive to the command prompt.
    Maybe do the fdisk partition deletion and creation from the notebook itself.
    See what others say.

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    Default Yeah but I can't get into even dos.

    I can't even get into dos thats the problem

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    Default Re: How can I fix 'Invalid partition table' Errors?

    'fiddling around' with partitionn tables is a recipe for disaster.

    FIPS is not a general purpose partitioning programme. (It is designed to split a Windows partition non-destructively).

    You should have used MS FDISK to remove the linux logical partitions, then the linux extended partition. That would have worked. Followed by a FDISK/MBR to get rid of LILO if you did not do that in the linux.

    Now you have partitioned and formatted a disk on *another computer*. That is highly likely to give the result you have got.

    Boot a DOS floppy and run MS FDISK. Remove all partitions. If that won't work, put the disk back into the other machine and use its FDISK to remove any partitions, put it into the laptop again. Then check the BIOS disk table, reboot the floppy DOS and run FDISK again to create the partitions you need, and format.

    That is, use FDISK to remove all partitions, powerdown, make sure that the disk is correctly identified in the BIOS table, and reboot before running FDISK again to make the partitions on the machine the disk belongs to.

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