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    Default XBox 1 and installing / playing games

    Asking on this matter to help a bus driver I know regularly on the route I take to and from town. He knows I play Computer games and today he told me that he had bought an XBox 1 from Amazon online shopping and he asked me about XBox 1 and Games. He bought a game on disc, a Sports game and said that when he puts the disc into the Xbox it starts "downloading". I said 'downloading?' some people say downloading when in fact they mean Installing.
    He says it showing it will take 1 hour. He has gone through those 'install' steps more than once.
    I have googled 'Installing game from disc to XBox 1' and found that since 2018 XBox doesn't play game direct from disc and when installing from disc the XBox downloads and installs Updates and Patches and they can be many many GB. So download time is dependent on Internet connection speed.
    He has XBox connected to his TV.
    One post was about Speeding up installing game from disc which basically is disconnecting from Internet, but, after the game is installed then it still has to have all the required updates and patches DL'd and Installed before the game will play.
    Presumably, the Game is being installed and saved to the XBox 1 1TB Internal HD.
    The guy only has Sports Games for his XBox and said he peed off because he has bought a Game Disc that will not play, 'not like they used to, put in the disc and away it went' he said.
    Anyone able to give me any pointers or advice I can pass on or research further?
    All the games I play are on PC. XBox and PS are alien to me.
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