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Why do you say "some fictional guy way back when," when you know when it happened - 2021 years ago. And it's not a lie - it's history. It's a story recorded in all the religions of the world
No it isn't. Matthew, mark, Luke, JOhn all tell a tale and there are differences and contradictions in those tales too. All were written well after this fictional event.

The Romans, who kept many detailed records of all jews executed (along with others executed etc) have no record of such a person at all.
Nowhere else is there any record whatsoever of this person, any of it.

Just because millions of people chose to believe a tale told by those wanting power, and it has persisted for ages, means nothing.

I could go on.

Yes I had a tree with my son for xmas. A tree that had it's origins from Germany not some religion in the middle east.
He still didn't believe in red suit guys bringing gifts. Nor was he deprived.

And easter, chocolate, he didn't actually like chocolate much, but he got lollies then too. Without tales of rabbits and such