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    Default Re: How to upload dash cam video to police?!

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    will they ? from Stuff website

    "The recording shows a vehicle caught on the wrong side of the road, after the passing lanes ended, overtaking in oncoming traffic before scraping Ras' front bumper as the driver forced his way back on to the right side of the road."
    "took a flash drive with the footage into the Stratford police station but despite having the number plate of the offending vehicle was told by an officer it was a case for his insurance company."
    The police did take action after media became involved in the story

    Locally (Ak), the police took a month to get involved with someone shooting car windows (and house windows) with a air rifle . This was a almost nightly occurrence on & around one long street near me, so will they really pull finger on dash cam footage ?
    It seems to me they just dont have the resources .
    unfortunately a common way for them to meet their performance targets is to simply ignore crime. that method is not new, most notoriously ignoring domestic violence.
    other times its just the officer being lazy because its hours of paper work.
    some stations are really good and on to it. others just tell you to F off and mind your own business.
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    Default Re: How to upload dash cam video to police?!

    Quote Originally Posted by stuffed View Post
    Anyone any suggestions as to how to upload to the police, dash cam video of very bad driving?
    I have tried and other sites.
    Even emailed our local police station but got this reply from a cop that don’t know: “The Police computer systems are designed to intercept and quarantine any unknown attachments sent via email for security reasons. This means your emails are not able to be properly received or actioned”.
    With so many dash cams out there you would think that the police would embrace anything to assist with “education” of the bad drivers!
    there is only two things you can really do.
    call *555 at the time and maybe they have a unit in the area. thats works for me a few times. it gets interesting when that vehicle is wanted for other things.
    or report it on the roadwatch form after the event.
    neither will result is charges laid.

    or if its serious enough lay a formal complaint with the police, which you can give evidence as pictures or video.
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    Default Re: How to upload dash cam video to police?!

    Here’s one for you going back late 70’s early 80’s with B.M. v Police.

    Back then I had a contracting business which required a depot.

    This depot was in an industrial area of Tauranga, which adjourned a residential area, which in those days was “Undesirable” at best.

    Theft and vandalism was rife, and one needed to go to quite extreme lengths to secure ones property.

    Anyway, I had all the gauges on a Drott broken, the diesel stolen, and the fuel tank filled with dirt and stones.

    So off I go to the Police only to get told that they had a very good idea who had done it, but without definite proof they couldn’t help. Claim on your insurance.

    Grrrrrrr, so off I go to see a mate, who in another life was also a P&T technician, and who had on leaving opened a electronics business.

    He came up with something quite new then, a infra-red movement detector overlooking the yard with a couple of spotlights attached. Any movement within range on come the spotlights which time out if there is no further movement.

    No trouble for months and then it all started again.

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention, so I thought I need to get a photo of these pricks.

    Now a relation of mine had shown me his new you beaut camera a couple of weeks earlier which was automatic. Well it wound the film on automatically anyway. All that was needed now was some way to push the shutter button and what could be better than the striker out of an old door bell.

    The whole thing was set up in a panel steel box and worked a treat, the only problem was I had to get the film developed.

    A couple of films from the beginning and success. Beautiful photos of these little sh**s inspecting the camera even.

    And now for the Police again.

    Off I go , pictures in hand, to sort this out once and for all.

    Well the policeman was suitably impressed and even wanted to see how the camera was set up, but when we got to “what are you going to do about it” I was told there was nothing they could as they were too young.

    Grrrrrrr, well I’ll deal with it myself, next time you drive past you’ll notice a double barrelled shotgun has been added and I’ll get a photo or two of them picking buckshot out.

    Well the Cop went absolutely ballistic and read me the Riot Act, but I explained that if he wasn’t going to fix the problem I would.

    You know I never had another problem and wonder to this day if they were the Cop’s kids.
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