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    Question Old Phone (Hyundai TX115c) Problems

    Hey Guys,
    I literally just started this account because I need help with this issue, I have used your site before to gain information about certain things and it's pretty awesome.
    I am an avid lover of early 2000s tech, I really like how we managed to advance so far and how intrigued people were with like 2 mega pixels. Anyways, I recently bought a Hyundai TX115c, and there are close to no web links or videos explaining how to fix or do anything to them, other than the manual and a few lacking forum posts. My Hyundai, has I assume a broken lcd and charging port, but I attached a cord to the battery and charged it. As I can't see anything, I have no clue what the phone is doing, but the keypad turns on and I can press the numbers and still hear it. Does anyone know where I could get a replacement LCD? The front/rear little lcd just lights up white, is that normal? I would really like to get this working, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Old Phone (Hyundai TX115c) Problems

    See above.
    Impossible I'd say as it's far too old now.

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    Default Re: Old Phone (Hyundai TX115c) Problems

    You may find parts, or other faulty phones for parts, on TradeMe, eBay etc, but likely at insane prices, and you may wait a long time.

    The fact the LCD lights up white could point to a mainboard fault rather than LCD fault too.

    Unless you can get a schematic and boardview, and know what you're doing, you're limited to just swapping assemblies anyway.

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    Default Re: Old Phone (Hyundai TX115c) Problems

    To digress:

    Yeah!!, old phones and covid.

    Us oldies are getting AH in the Press at the moment.

    We have three old phones that won't accept the app. and we have one bought recently.

    The app works similar to a "day journal", is this right???.

    Where I have been shopping has low foot traffic and my app is the use of the shops' eftpos machine, which gives most details except their name.

    Booz barns, where most people don't bother with a receipt, is the problem. Been to a wet restaurant recently and the bar tenders' have always asked if I wanted a receipt and the answer is always "yes please".


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