The question is, Is the protection supplied by Windows Defender and Firewall good enough for me to use or should I use a 3rd Party AV and Firewall?
I have Bitdefender Total Security 2020 and its due renewal for another year protection in 5 days. The cost is $126.00.
I can pay that tonight but what hacks me off is that when I click to Renew I get taken to a Bitdefender Webpage that says "Get 60% Discount" YAY that be just dandy!
BUT reading down the webpage it states the 60% Discount is for NEW First time buyers. And there is nowhere on the webpage for me to click ...unless its the 'Buy Now' tab I have to click.
Bitdefender sent me an email today saying they tried to renew my subscription a couple days ago but it failed. Yeah it failed because the Bank Card of mine it has on file is no longer usable. I closed that Bank account and opened with another Bank.
I tried to 'Add another bank card' in my personal account details and it wouldn't. I had been trying to do that for past 2 months, emailed Bitdefender and asked why I couldn't change my Bank Card details and never received any replies.
I just emailed them and told them I have updated my payment method/card details and again asked about the 60% Discount that isn't.
Anyway, that's not the issue.
Will I be safe enough with Win Defender and Firewall?..... or...???
I could revert to using Comodo IS that I have and its FREE! hee hee.... I recall getting pulled here over my using Comodo IS about 18-24months ago.

What's the advice please, peeps.

Some pics of the Bitdefender 'thingymajiggy'

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