These nutters are doing my head in. On talkback (yes I'm that old) there has been a conversation around banks getting rid of cheques, and the individuals who call in saying this shouldn't be allowed because it doesn't work for them.

One just now receives cheques from someone overseas, and she reciprocates with cheques and because she has a "brain injury" she can't use electronic banking, and presumably neither can the person overseas.

Now I accept this, if true, is unfortunate, but these people seriously expect the entire banking system to remain in the 19th century because THEY have special needs, and THEY consider it discrimination because THEY are special.

Yeah, there'll be some hassle for some people, but for crissakes, get over yourselves!

Rant over.

ps: this can also apply to NZ'ers (and I use that term loosely) overseas wanting to come back to NZ now and have everyone else pay for it.