Well I am still struggling to solve the issue in my previous post: https://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/showth...l-audio-output

So I have decided the best option might be a clean reinstall of windows.
I haven't done this for a while and some of the options have changed in WIn 10 now, so I have a few questions before I do it:
- Does the built-in Win 10 reset option do a good enough job, or am I better to basically format C: and to a completely fresh install? If so, I assume downloading Win 10 onto USB is the best way to go about doing this?
- I remember I should have all peripherals unplugged and then add them later after Windows has done it's thing, is this still the best way?
- Once I have Windows up and running, I remember there used to be a preferred order to reinstall drivers, can someone please remind me? I seem to remember m/b drivers first, then reboot, then audio drivers, reboot, then graphics card dfrivers?
- I have a SSD for C drive, D is DVD drive, but I also have 2 other physical HDD's: E was for apps and programs I didn;t want to install on C (mainly lesser used programs), and F was for data. I assume I should physically disconnect both these drives before the reinstall, and then plug them back one by one and let windows set them up?
- Should I wipe my apps drive first, or can i easily do this when I connect it again after the reinstall?
- Can I just keep the files and folders as they are in my data drive, and all will be OK when that drive is connected again? Or is is better to copy all those files elsewhere and format this data drive also? not sure if there are any problems with the folder/file permissions?
- Anything I need to do about my WIn 10 licence, or should this just be automatically activated as it's reinstalled on the same hardware?

- Anything else I should be aware of before I do this?


PS Win 10 64 bit if that makes any difference