I have a separate post about loss f Audio on night of 29 December.
I had last fixed Audio through kind instructions on 17 December iI promptly created a System Restore Point at that date.
i also created another one a few days later. When I tried to use System Restore on 29 December the only one showing was an automatic Restore Point dated 26 December.

I posted on Microsoft Community a query about what happened to my manually created System restore points of 17 December and later pre 26 December.

Below is the reply i received today.

[Frederik Long has replied to your question System Restore Points Disappear in Microsoft Community.

"Windows will routinely delete Restore Points. It will even disable this useful mechanism. Using a tool such as the free version of Macrium Reflect avoids this problem by creating images of your partition(s)."

To me this s like buying a new car with part of the deal being a 3 year warranty and when one applies under the warranty the car Sales yard says "Oh no we cancelled those warranties"

I do not recall any prior discussions from Microsoft about vastly limiting retention of System Restore points and reducing one's ability to go back.

Is the free version of Macrum Reflect as easy to use as a System Restore?

Opinions please