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Thread: Sunday’s Joke

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    Well you’ve got to wonder if there is anywhere else in the world you could get away with this S..T.

    Waikeria Prison riot:
    Waikeria Prison riot: Prisoners light 'significant fires' overnight. HERE

    Anyway, always ready to help, I wonder if Prefect could fly the Helicopter if I supplied the Monsoon Buckets and we’ll put the fire out along with a bonus or two.

    Always trying to help B.M.
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    Remember this is a protest not a riot," he said. ----- This is definitely not a riot. Because if it was a riot, I'd be the first one that’s firing bullets at them. ... This a protest.
    Thats OK then, as long as its only a Protest.

    Let the hub and I go in to the men and we will have them down. This can stop today," says Gunnyo, a prisoner's mother.
    Wholly Shite -- if mum gets involved watch out, then they'll be in for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post

    Wholly Shite -- if mum gets involved watch out, then they'll be in for it.
    Don't underestimate the power of any maternal SWMBO ... WWI may never have happened if Victoria had still been around to bang some of the (crowned) heads of Europe together
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    I went to the doctors recently
    He said: “Don’t eat anything fatty”
    I said: “What, like bacon and burgers?”
    He said, “No. fatty don’t eat anything.”

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