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    Default Re: Do you wait up to bring in the New Year?

    Its 50/50 sometimes we do sometimes we don't, all depends what's happening.

    This year I more or less had to.

    We were over at the Neighbors at 7pm for a BBQ, things were going well, every one having a good time, they had gotten some neat new toys (geeky stuff)

    One interesting experiment was on the changing of the outside light colors, do you know that Purple attracts those sand-flies / Ants and red replies them -- Ya do now looked and it was 11.15pm, so what the hell.

    A few seconds Just before midnight you could hear people counting down -- Then someone from a few houses down, all you hear plain as was " Thank F**K that years Over"

    ALSO -- I had been giving a few friends in the USA a Hard time about trump, many hoping that 2021 will be better ( they all hate Trump) . Well we being many hours ahead of them I was winding them up all day saying things like it will happen here first.

    So I said I'll post if anything happened before them (insert smart remarks) I had set the Screen recorder going so I could capture the time change to 2021 earlier on in the night and could edit the time needed.

    Just after midnight, about 12.30ish I posted that there was some weird dude walking around outside, a few were OMG really -- yep Real scary looking dude (some of them are so gullible to my sense of humor) So I said I'll post the time change and hopefully later look at my Security cams.

    This is what I posted

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    Default Re: Do you wait up to bring in the New Year?

    We were up in Akld.
    We did not stay up, husband goes to bed early these days, later up there. He did not cope well at first, got confused as to where we were, who was who etc.
    Settled the last couple of days, but not good.

    Son stayed up was restrained for him.
    Eventually it catches up with you, you get old.

    No noise up there really except fireworks for a bit.
    I see on the news all the drama was in the Coromandel.

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    Default Re: Do you wait up to bring in the New Year?

    Not much noise here in Christchurch either, a few fireworks in the early part of the night then I went to bed telling the dog not to worry if the were car horns and more noisy fireworks, was not woken up and dog did not come through to my bedroom because normally it's scared of banging sounds.
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