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Thread: HDMI Cables

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    Default HDMI Cables

    Thought THIS article might interest some of you.

    I've looked at some I have here, but I'm buggered if I can tell which is what, although all are different.
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    Default Re: HDMI Cables

    An annoyingly contradictory article, tells me that v1.x cables will ruin my experience, then later says they're fine if you're only using 1080p or lower (which I am).

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    Default Re: HDMI Cables

    For cables under 1M in length it often doesn't matter much what type of cable, and then the longer the cable is the more it does matter. Some good quality cables from older standards still work with the newer standards ok. It's a try it and see situation.
    But if you only have a 1080P 60hz TV like myself you can pretty much ignore it all and use whatever HDMI cable you have. Most of mine cost < $10 and work just fine.

    I have had the argument before with a family member with his $80 monster HDMI cable in the days before 4K when 1080P was the max and I tried to tell him my $10 cable gave the same quality picture. It was true then, but now that 4K is a thing his expensive cable might just have a chance of proving itself.
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