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    Default Re: best disk to disk copy software

    I'm using Macrium now for imaging instead of Acronis or Active (paid for) after seeing wianuitech's recommendation a while ago.
    Also have used MiniTool free to clone from hard drive to SSD and that worked.
    I tend to buy Samsung SSD's so I can use their wizard but in one instance it didn't work where MiniTool did.

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    Default Re: best disk to disk copy software

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    Hi . Whats the current BEST old disk to new disk copying software

    Something that
    - can copy to a smaller disk (eg 500Gb to 480Gb )
    - can cope with disk errors, will continue if read errors are encountered
    - can cope with non standard partitioning, as seen on too many laptops
    - will do the job on 'difficult' setups, where for various reasons most disk copy/clone software just fails

    Ive some difficult PC's I need to upgrade to SSD's . Win8.1, UEFI . They are starting to P%^&%8 me off :-(
    So far Active@ , older Seagate/wd/Acronos failed, newer versions of seagate/wd software fails
    Win's built in imaging software (via backup) ALLWAYS works, but wont recover from image to a smaller drive , so cant use that .

    I can usually find some disk copy software to work, but for some reason , not on these generic i3 PC's

    Does Macrium free have a disk to disk copy function, or is that image then recover from image to new PC ?
    Will Macrium image to a small HD?

    Try EaseUS's Partition Master offering....they have a free version you can download here

    I have the full version and it has never let me down. I'm not too sure if the Free version allows cloning to a smaller disk (the full version does) and as long as the smaller disk has enough space to hold all the data being cloned.

    You can get Partition Master Pro v15 for about NZ$27 right now if you use code EDMP2021 (normally NZ$67)

    Hope that helps...

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