no conspiracy theorist please
apart of the over done sensationalist articles this is correct.
Boeing absolutely screwed over the engineering of the MCAS system.
the other part of the story is FAA trusted Boeing way to much and failed to provide oversight.

Here's a video which backs up most of what I was saying about the engine size and positioning:
from the first half i watched, its about roughly right.

the important bits from the video is "fit larger engines ......but require minimal additional training" just as airbus had done.
and "supposed to behave exactly like the old one"
it shows, that under high throttle the nose comes up. what it doesn't say is thats normal for all aircraft of that wing configuration.... including airbus. the more throttle you give it the more the nose wants to come up. the pilots simply compensate for that, its not a big deal at all and has been done for many many decades of flying.
the difference here is that it does it a bit more than the previous version did. thats the key. Boeing needs it to fly within a certain % of the old model to qualify, so that pilots would not have do complete training and recertification at great cost.
so they made the mcas system to trim the aircraft in those conditions so it flys like the old model. ie it lifts it nose under power like the old one.

now airbus has that issue as well but it already has flight computers that do that already. so its really easy for them. (pilots don't fly the airbus, they tell the flight computer what they want to do and the computer flys the plane).

overall there is nothing wrong with the actual 737max plane, nothing has changed with the plane with the fix. theres no need to, it flys perfectly fine. FAA simply does not allow unstable planes to fly.
its simply that Boeing screwed up the MCAS system by ridding roughshod over the engineering team and put a crap system in place.

the fix is pretty simple, revamped the MCAS system to what it should have been in the first place and put the additional training in place.
it has now been all approved and is being rolled out.