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Thread: glueing plastic

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    Quote Originally Posted by gary67 View Post
    Liquid nails rapid will do it
    Thanks - noted and bought. If it's still attached to the car in the morning I'll be well pleased.

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    Default Re: glueing plastic

    Let us know how long it takes for the replacements to come from China.

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    Default Re: glueing plastic

    Parcel arrived this morning.

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    I use Selleys Plastic Glue which has a primer and glue. As the glue has run out I use the primer and super glue.

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    Some plastics need primer, some don't. You can sometimes identify the plastic from moulding marks. E.g. PP = polypropylene, PS = polystyrene etc once you know exactly what it is can you be sure you get the right glue.

    In some cases, the wrong glue will indeed have disastrous results!

    I've heard of using acetone for bonding Perspex but never actually tried it.

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