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    Default We sold our printer - it became too expensive

    We went to the shop to buy new cartridges for our Epson printer. We were quite surprised at the prices. $20 a cartridge and we needed three. Looking around the shop we realised that it was cheaper to buy a new printer - $39 - than to buy new cartridges so now we have a new HP printer. We sold the Epson for $5.
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    Default Re: We sold our printer - it became too expensive

    Good price! Did you get any good offers on SWMBO with it as a bundled deal with the old printer?


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    Default Re: We sold our printer - it became too expensive

    1)You look online who has them cheapest, not buy from a nearby shop.
    2)You buy a printer after checking how many pages you'll get per cratridge or toner, AND how much those cartridges or toners cost.

    So now you'll be right back in the same situation when this one runs out...all the cheap ones are like that.

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    Default Re: We sold our printer - it became too expensive

    I use a laser printer, I change it laser module one time per 2 years, but I can't print color images) but I don't have cartridges and I am happy for this.

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    Default Re: We sold our printer - it became too expensive

    I've used printers since forever and got along ok with them all except the Canon Pixma I bought a couple of years ago, it was just a PITA. It was the first Canon I'd used so were the issues because of me or the printer? I don't know. Anyway it got tossed into the garage and I bought a little HP for $39 and it's great for my basic needs. No issues with Cartridge World refills.

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    Default Re: We sold our printer - it became too expensive

    I have an older Lexmark Laser printer that does colour and prints both sides, does thousands of pages per toner cartridge. it is big, weighs only a little less than i do and has enough spare cartridges to print a stack of paper around 2 metres high. The manual (which it printed) is a lot heavier than my monochrome laser printer. The printer is available to anyone who cares to pick it up and take it away, lowest offer not necessarily accepted. it is just too big for us - either someone takes it or it gets broken down to garbage bin sized pieces and departs that way. It would make a great source of gears, shafts, motors etc for a child with curiosity. Not suitable for removal in a small car unless you care to dismantle it a bit on the roadside.
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