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    Default MS Account problems

    Hi. have recently updated my PC OS from W10 Pro x64 v1903 to latest version 20H2. I am receiving a notification that there seems to be a problem with my MS Accounts. I click the notification box and a window opens about "Shared experiences" in which I can click 'Fix now', enter my PIN and all is ok.
    When I click the option Microsoft account in blue lettering I get taken to a window for MS Account sign in. I enter my email address and password and it is incorrect..... I then repeat the password enter using 5 different passwords and they are all incorrect and at last attempt I then get a window telling me I have made too many attempts and I have toenter characters shown to prove I am not a robot. I enter the characters, click Sign in and nothing happens.
    There are emails for two requests I made for password reset and a code supplied to enter presumably to create a new password. They are dated 13th and 15th Nov '20.
    I had this same problem a few months ago and it was a headache! Eventually I wiped out that complete OS and started fresh.
    I now have two SSD's in the computer, both running W10 Pro x64 v20H2. The sign in is different email for both. Is that the cause of the issue? I didn't have this MS Accounts problem when I had only one SSD and W10 OS running in the computer.
    Any idea/advice appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
    Here's some pics
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: MS Account problems

    Personally I'd change the Accounts to Locals (both OS's) This does away with Need to use a MS Account.

    When doing this you can leave the password blank if you dont want one when it prompts (for local)

    All that will change is you will have to sign in to an app if it asks for a MS User Name and password, when this happens there's an option in smaller text to use the details only on Microsoft Apps (Not the Whole computer).

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    Default Re: MS Account problems

    Over the last several months I have tried to feature updates about 12 times from 1909 to version 2004 even to 20H2 when that came along.
    Note I have a “Local” admin account
    I also tried doing feature updates after they advertised that cumulative updates were available to 2004 and 20H2.
    Each time I had problems after the update with Google Chrome Sync “Paused” and having to enter my password periodically.
    Also MS Outlook 2016 required me to enter my passwords on 2 of my 3 Outlook Accounts again periodically
    Later MS Outlook would become very unstable.

    I had also seen the same issue crop up occasionally as mentioned in the original post

    The only way I could overcome the issue was to roll back to 1909.
    After about 8 tries I created a second Local Admin account and that seemed quite stable but still rolled back to 1909.

    Just this last Monday I did the feature update to 20H2 and then copied all my data onto the new account, note my old account was still unstable

    On Wednesday after ensuring I had adequate backups I then deleted the old Local Admin Account using User Accounts in the Control Panel option to do so as you could still retain (optional) many of your data files onto you’re your new Account, (You just never know LOL). There is an Account option through Settings but don’t know if you can retain the files as you can in the Control Panel

    Anyway since then I have had no problems with Google Chrome nor MS Outlook 2016 nor as shown in the original post here.

    It must be some crud that the account picks up along the way, and finally broke the camels back as they say LOL!
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    Default Re: MS Account problems


    Hi. I used PCUnlocker to remove User Password and changed the Account to Local. I will do the same with the other Account for the W10 on the other SSD.

    I was only getting the 'Problem with MS Accounts' notifications when I use the W10 installed to the SSD I am using at this time. It is the W10 x64 v 1903 updated to v 20H2 last week. The 1903 version that I installed was from a Macrium image I had made 2 years ago and even though I had used PCUnlocker to remove Sign in Pword/Pin the 'Account Problem' issue continued. Will see what happens now I have changed to Local Account.



    a pic showing Local AccountClick image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: MS Account problems


    Hi and thanks. Seems like you were getting it bad. I use Edge Browser and Gmail. I might go try open MS Outlook in my MS Office ProPlus 2019

    Ha ha. Rigmarole I had to enter MS Password! Dread. Got it right on second attempt. Eventually got it all done and was taken to this webpage to finish Outlook Set up..... haven't completed that yet.

    Some picsClick image for larger version. 

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