Lying b******s.

The Epson Ecotank I had bought, well both me and the tech at the shop I bought it from agree that a)they are liars and B)most people probably don't notice because they don't print a lot.
I do, and thus I notice.

It was meant to do 3600 pages off black.
I got 1334.
On low quality.

No I don't turn it off all the time (and thus waste ink on startup).
Epson says: No error code (of course not!) and printer is fine.

So the shop refunded me,

Imagine if cars were like fill your 50l tank and get 100km out of it, and the petrol costs you $50 a litre.
People would scream.

But bloody printers.

And don't say laser, the tech agreed with that too...they are just the same...except it's pages per toner.