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Last week I bought the above cable -brand DynaMix.
I connected it between my 2 laptops .
I was expecting the second laptop to show up in Windows Explorer in the same way as a USB Memory stick does.

There was nothing to show that the second laptop was connected as a Device.
You may be thinking of Apple's Target Disk Mode in which this is actually possible (via FireWire or Thunderbolt), but even then it only applies to Macs.

That's because the other laptop is not a USB device, it's a USB host. Only a device can connect to a host.

Connecting two hosts together does nothing at best, and at worst, electrically shorts the USB connectors and blows the port. Hopefully this has not happened! Perhaps USB3 includes protection against this...

Unlike legacy parallel and serial, USB is much more complicated but was simply never designed to support direct connection between hosts (computers).

As others have said, to use USB for this, you need a special bridge device, but Ethernet or an Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi connection would likely be faster for actual data transfer.